Iowa State Trooper Tracey Bohlen thought the worst when he spotted a car stopped on a high-speed interstate freeway. The trooper could tell there was commotion going on inside the vehicle, so he had his hands on his firearm when he ran up to investigate.

As it turns out, there was no struggle going on inside the truck. The driver, Patrick Roark, was in the middle of having a heart attack. Patrick's son was understandably panicking, but Trooper Bohlen was able to perform CPR and bring Patrick back into a stable condition. 

Both the Trooper and a nurse that had been passing by stayed with the Roark family the rest of the day helping them get situated - they helped move their car to a hospital, set them up inside a hotel, and helped them with various other duties while Patrick was incapacitated. Their story really shows that there is good in other people!

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